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Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.
Lily Tomlin, Sun and Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo is a very difficult placement. In Pisces, Venus is happiest, and said to be exhaulted. In the opposite sign of Virgo, the planet is said to be in it's fall.

The sign of Pisces is about unconditional love. It isn't critical or demanding but selfless and understanding. At her best, Venus is also about acceptance, love and understanding, which is why, when in Pisces, she is exhaulted. Virgo is the opposite of Pisces, but that doesn't mean those in that sign cannot love unconditionally or uncritically, it's just more difficult for them. They tend to be a little shy, taking a wait and see approach to the world around them. At times people with Venus in Virgo can come across as cold and unfeeling.

The differences lie in how they express their love. Virgo's tend to want to help. Help means telling you what you're doing wrong. Finding your flaws and then fixing them for you. They mean well, but most of the time their actions and words cause misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

Virgo's need to be needed. They need to be of service to the people they love. They also need their lover's to be neat, tidy, organized, on time, clean, just like they are. Messing up their homes, beds, cars, lives, is just unacceptable and they'll tell you so. Nicely, at first. After a while they'll start trying to help you by cleaning up after you and telling you the best way to fold socks and take stains out of the carpet. In short, they'll annoy you with their nagging to the point you just want to poke them with a stick. But that's never their intention. When their lover blows up in frustration they are confused and bewildered because they were just trying to help.

As lover's people with Venus in Virgo are a bit slow to warm up. But once they do, their need to be of service to those they love really comes in to play here. What they lack in origination and imagination is compensated with their devotion to service. They tend to be careful and meticulous lovers who are sensitive to details.

Worth remembering when your Venus in Virgo lover is scrubbing the bathtub and whinging about stains.

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