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The availability of this rich cranberry liqueur is pretty limited in my area. I know of only one liquor store -- Petrock's in Hillsborough, New Jersey -- that carries it. But going out of my way for this ambrosia is an easy call.

Vesta Virgin Cranberry Liqueur is 25% alcohol and 75% yummy. Each 750 ml bottle is "adorned with an elegantly handcrafted copper masterpiece"1 which is a roughly seven by twelve centimeter sheet of copper that is painted with an image of a vesta virgin the name of the product and the serial number of the bottle. (I'm looking at number 4099 as I write this.)

The cranberry concentrate is shipped from a New England cooperative to the Kentaur KFT facility in Kecskemét, Hungary where it is made into the liqueur.2 It is imported to the US by American Importing/Exporting, Inc. You might be able to find local sellers of this product by contacting the importer through their web site -- http://www.AmericanImporting.com

Vest Virgin Cranberry Liqueur is quite delicious mixed with other liqueurs (lemon and orange), added to 7up, or drizzled over ice cream.

Remember to be responsible -- don't drink this if you're pregnant and don't drive while under the influence.3

1 Verbiage from the bottle.

2 American Importing/Exporting, Inc. website.

3 Summary of the government warning.

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