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The first day I found Everything was sometime in 1998 or 1999(?)
The first day I found E2 was December 1, 2002
The first day I wrote something on E2 was December 8, 2002 (bentonite)
The first day I was C!hinged was December 17, 2002 (Green Sand)
The first day I had a node eaten by Klathrop was December 27, 2002
The first day I received two C!hings was December 28, 2002 (liqueur and Witnessing your parents having sex)
I attained level 2 on January 1, 2003
My first node to receive a second C!hing was Witnessing your parents having sex on June 1, 2003
I got level 3 on December 27, 2003 with female genital mutilation but I also had a message marked for destruction on the same day, so I'm not sure if I'll keep my level.
My first thrice C!hinged node was female genital mutilation when LaggedyAnne weighed in on December 28, 2003.
Wheel...Of...Books: an E2 fundraiser! received it's fourth C!hing on January 30,2004.
I attained level 4 on February 28, 2006 because the xp rules changed. I noticed that I only needed one vote to reach L4 so I put my WU on Dice together and now I can C!hing.

Why can I hear the wind blowing across a boulder-strewn field of ice while I sit here?
Why would the sound, which really ought to be scary, refresh my soul?
Why are the freshest sounds so much like the exquisite paintings?
Why do the visual arts evoke the unrelated senses so readily?
Why is the world really a cacophony in shades of grey?
Why does seeing only black and white close minds?
Why should those set in stone seek to stay?
Why might staying hurt so much?
Why doesn't hurting disuade?
Why can't I leave?
Why am I here?