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Ok, maybe this sounds really odd, but have you ever noticed that sometimes colours have certain scents attached to them, or scents have certain colours attached to them? I was talking to someone I had just met yesterday, and I brought this up. Here's the freaky part - at the exact same moment, we both yelled excitedly "Yeah! Like how blue smells like fresh!" Strange but true. Oh, yeah, and if fluorescent pink had a scent, it would definitely smell like the 80's.

Hey, does anyone know what red would smell like? I can't quite figure that one out.

Red smells like a sweaty boy's skin when he is asleep after being exhausted by...

Sex: it smells like sex.

I don't mean to reinforce stereotypes--in fact, I am very partial to the colour.

Sometimes it has an iron smell like blood
Or it smells like the embers of a campfire
Or the thick summer air when it hasn't rained for weeks
Or melted candlewax, soft in the hand...

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