Start Again


What is learned is to be taught
What is taught is to be learned
The mentee becomes the mentor
The idle become electric
So does the student inherit everything
And thus does the teacher pass on

You are granted safe passage
But you must pause here for a moment

Take a moment and close your eyes. Consider the impact it would have on a single individual, a person of human birth, to have witnessed the blueprint of the soul, a document that contains the answers but does not define the questions. There would be reasons why such an individual would try to deny this knowledge. It would be nearly impossible to comprehend, especially if it was written in a language that transcended the definition of language. What was contained in this blueprint was infinite and yet could be consumed in the shortest of moments. It could not, however, be put to anything resembling practical usage. Such consumption could only create confusion that would take decades, centuries, and perhaps even eternity to unravel.

Close your eyes and go to sleep. If you can escape the mind's preoccupations, you will be able to discover a different landscape that beckons to you. This world you often consider to be of such great importance is no more than a rest area. It is a shack along the road. A simple shack will stand long after its residents have moved on, but this shack is only a small part of the world. Now realize that this world we occupy is far less significant to eternity than the shack is to this world.

While most struggle with finding answers to their questions
He struggles with finding the questions for his answers
Sometimes these answers are not what the questions want
Sometimes they are not ready for the answers
We live in a place where we answer "How are you today?"
With "Fine."
And call it a conversation.
We are not ready for answers.

These are simply my translations of portions of the document in question. The veracity of my translations must be sifted through the nature of human imperfection. Over the course of nine years I have transcribed much more than this. What is posted here are only those I am most certain of and which seem to repeat themselves throughout the document.

If you would fight over a parcel of land based on the principle that it is yours, you have already lost the battle as you attempt to win the war.

If you feed the dragon of retribution, then you in turn feed the dragons of your supposed enemies, and in doing so you change the balance of light and darkness. If you put down your arms and allow your enemy to strike you down, only then do you secure victory over him.

If you extend your life beyond your time in this place, beyond the call to pass onwards, then you pervert the cause of your existence in the interest of vanity. The extension of life gives more credence to this particular life and less to the greater nature of eternal existence.

To seek permanence in a temporary world is to build a shelter against the storms. To venture out into the storm requires a greater commitment. Those things that we attach ourself to with permanence will attach themselves to us beyond this life. Know this before making decisions about the permanence of such things.

One who seeks to imprison others in their own realm will therefore be imprisoned by them in realms beyond. To imprison in this manner includes all manner of forcibly consigning another to your orbit, whether by threats of physical violence or emotional coercion. One cannot be free unless he first learns to give freedom to others.

What you will do unto others will be returned to you, either in kindness or otherwise. The soul is a prism that magnifies the deeds of one life into the next. What you think has slipped through the cracks of perception stays within the soul through the mark of deception.

What you think of as good and evil are twin manifestations of the soul. They are darkness and light and between are the more meaningul shades of gray. Darkness protects light and light overcomes darkness. If one lives in harmony with both darkness and light and understands the nature of both within themselves, then they can learn to steer eternal destiny.

Only a fool believes that he has more to teach than he has to learn. To learn is to teach and one who learns to teach becomes aware that they learn more through teaching than by any other means. To speak is to hear oneself. To listen is to document the words of others.

The reasons for endings are not always clear. The reasons for beginnings are easier to wait on. Both are connected through the temporary nature of the journey of the soul. The only real enemy is stagnation, for both beginnings and endings will teach. Remaining static leaves us cold. Change is the purpose of existence. Giving is the meaning of life. Giving to others is easily done. Giving to oneself is a puzzle.

Souls that entwine will follow each other from one frame to the next. One must be careful as to whom we become attached to, whether through love or hate. Obsession is a compulsion without resolution, and in the face of eternity becomes an unending attachment.

In order to fortify one wall of your castle, you must weaken another wall. A person is a soul with limitations placed upon it through integration with a physical world. You can do anything, but you can't do everything. This is part of why you are here, to understand limitations.

Limitations are the watchword of any frame of existence, for the soul is infinite and beyond limitations. Limitations are a learned behavior as part of integration into a collective reality.

In passage from one frame to the next, one passes through the judgment of their own soul. Feel no sorrow for those who have passed with faith in themselves. Feel sorrow for those who have already condemned themselves, whether in their own eyes or through what they have been taught by others. Realize that outward portrayals are not always the true interpretation of the soul.

You have been given this body and mind in order to experiment with it and to expand upon the foundation of its stagnation. What others would judge as improper actions of the self upon the self are trivia soon forgotten. The soul judges only itself. Humans are not pure enough to judge each other.

He who would stand in judgment of his brother bears the weight of that which is done to his brother in his name. One who stands frequently in judgment bears more weight than his brothers and can only be liberated through forgiveness, as his soul will become haunted by the memories of judgments past unless he is forgiven for them.

Continued translations of what I have come to call the "Central Text" of the blueprint of the soul:

Each soul a piece, each soul a universe of such magnitude it can never be fully comprehended. Pieces apart that come together. For the benefit of and for the lessons that must be learned.

Seek what you do not understand. Run from stagnation. Follow the path, for this path is yours alone. You know it far better than you can see.

Cry at the passing of small things. The signifance of anything is unknown to any, but greater than any comparison might be.

At times you must rest, but the balance is found. Re-interpret what you have seen and felt. Continue your journey. You will be well.

If you consider the most destructive force that you can conceive and imagine it destroying your world, even your universe, it would mean nothing to the journey of the soul. It would be a blank page in the journey from one frame to the next. Loving the frame means to enjoy the ride.

Perception is reality. The need for communal perception caused collective realities to arise, and eventually a time when perceived truths were considered facts.

All souls radiate different energy. Seek those who radiate the stronger positive energy for you. Convergence ascending. One must have enough positive energy to ascend. Giving creates positive energy. Taking creates negative energy. You already know what to do.

Being a negative energy generator for one person does not mean you are not a positive energy generator for another. The soul sees what can be given and what the other can give. It sees the return current long before you will.

In order for positive energy to flow, it must be accepted. What is given must be taken. One must give more than they take to maintain positive energy. To balance there must exist those who take more than they give.

To increase the flow of positive energy, souls must resume their normal search for those they can feed. The soul sees its reflection in the souls of others. What can be given by one reflects what the other can give.

There can be a desire for negative energy. Those who feel they must be punished or that they deserve suffering will seek out negative energy in others. They are the ones who need help. They are suffering for a trial not yet decided.

A positive energy current flows best when the energy reflected from one soul to the other maintains a steady flow. Negative energy is created when the balance slips too far and the reflection can no longer be seen.

Energy is constantly changing. What once created positive energy can become a generator of negative energy. One must change with the flow of the energy. This is the road. This is God. This is the answer.

There have been many messengers. They brought messages to people who needed to understand it in different ways. Those that spoke the truth created collective faith. The truth cannot be revealed without a frame. What cannot be understood cannot be given.

The soul requires a frame in order to travel. Without travel there is nothingness.

The truth is at the heart of the message. The rest gives only a frame. Seek what is at the heart of the message. There are many rooms.

The source energy manifests itself as love. There must be a balance between positive and negative energy within a frame. This is why love is so frequently miscommunicated. Love is the ultimate form of giving, it is our greatest gift. When it is something else, it is not love.

Give everything you can to everyone you know. All those who exist are unique, independent universes with their own truths and their own realities. Understand and accept this and you will know the answer.

Life within a single frame is only a piece of one's existence. To define oneself by life within a single frame will leave one without a true answer. One does not ascend a staircase by standing on one step.

One set of beliefs makes up the core of an individual universe. It does not make up the sum of the whole. All are correct in their interpretations of their own beliefs. Those who condemn or falsify the beliefs of another are unable to learn. They will repeat their mistakes. The pattern will continue until broken.

Those who are lost will be rewarded when they return. Those who stay have already received the rewards. The return of the lost is cause for celebration. Those who stay must understand this or they will become lost as well.

Embrace those who do not agree with you more warmly than you embrace those who do agree with you. Travel through a frame is necessary because of what we can learn and teach. If you embrace only those who share what you know and believe, you will not ascend, you will tread water.

If you have more than you need, give it to those who need it. Do not hoard. This is the most basic of lessons but the most difficult to learn. Seek not to gain more when you have enough unless you seek it in order to give to others. A perfect soul takes only what it needs and satisfies its wants in what it can give to others.

The difference between darkness and light is seen in shades of gray. There is perfect darkness and there is perfect light, but these are known only to the source of all energy. The source is unknowable.

There are too many pages, and they are not pages at all, but moments in eternity flashing before my eyes. My translations are imperfect, for I am human and prone to fault, but I will not stop for long on this road. There is too far to go. Many of these things may mean more to others than they do to me. If they do, then they exist here for a purpose.


Many thanks to the number of individuals here who assisted me in putting this together and encouraged me in my moments of doubt. You know who you are. A thousand blessings in your general direction.

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