She's got half a poem running through her mind.
The day her English teacher had talked about The
road less traveled, she'd been writing his name in
her spiral notebook, next to hearts and tiny stars.

He concentrates on the afternoon his older brother
used a banana to show him how to roll the condom
onto his penis
. His face turned red now, too. Did she
see him blush? Did she know about the banana thing?

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I
could not travel both" and something... "Then took
the other just as fair but which is fairer here?" God,
oh, God, how much longer, how much longer?

"You've got to go slow, Mike, or you'll rip the damn thing.
And once you get it on then you've got to go real slow, or
else you'll hurt her and you don't want to do that. She'll
want you to take your time. Jesus, don't snap it like that."

She half-hides under the cool sheets, watching him
with the love of a woman and the curiosity of a child.
She wants to know if it's going to hurt, and if he'll be
able to enjoy it and if she'll be able to enjoy it.

He looks up at her, lying beautiful under sheets,
with the love of a man and the curiosity of a child.
He wonders if it's going to hurt her, and if she'll be
be able to enjoy it and if he'll be able to enjoy it, too.

A long, slender hand reaches out to turn down the lamp.
She opens her arms to him, mystified by her effect on his
body--by his body's effect on her. This is not new I have
wanted him for so long now, this is just like always, only
then "Oh, I kept the first for another day!" and now I take it.

He presses his body to hers, as gently as he'd always
dreamed he would, and he wets his lips before kissing
. I hope she can't feel how fast my heart is beating. I
want to be so strong for her, we're ready for this, this isn't
new; I waited so I could "Make your first special, Mikey."

There's sweat on her thighs now, and she's lost in his kiss.
She pulls him on top of her in a moment of passion and when
they at last forget what they're about to do, lost in the moment,
it happens and he pushes into her and says "I love you, Lynn."

He knows it hurts her, but he takes his time and does
things right and her body's adjusting to his and this is
like nothing else I've ever felt before.
And just when his
heart soars high she whispers back, "I love you, Mike."

I really love him so much, God I'm glad I waited for
And they kiss and she feels him closer to her
than ever. She wraps her legs around him and                       he feels her legs wrap tightly around him. Heart

pounding, breathing faster, his whole body warm,

she's so warm. He's so warm inside her as she clings      to him he knows he's close to orgasm but wants to
stay like this forever. "Let's stay like this forever," she moans as he moans, two loving bodies moving as one.

He pushes into her completely, one last thrust before they finish their journey together, having made it to the other side of a mysterious wood, where two roads once diverged.

They "took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

Excerpts from The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost. Also thank you to Footprints, who showed me the error of my ways.

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