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The Vezina Trophy is given annually to the National Hockey League's top goalie. The league's general managers vote to decide the winner.

Prior to 1982, the award was given to the goalies of the team which allowed the fewest goals in the regular season. (The Jennings Trophy took the place of the Vezina as the award for the fewest goals allowed. The winner of the objective Jennings is often the same as the winner of the subjective Vezina).

The award is named after Georges Vezina, a goalie for the Montreal Canadiens in the 1910s and 1920s. Vezina contracted tuberculosis and died in 1926, at the age of 39. The next year, in his memory, the Canadiens' owners gave the NHL a trophy in Vezina's name.

Below's a list of the Vezina Trophy's winners:

Year  Player(s)                     Team
2016  Braden Holtby                 Washington Capitals
2015  Carey Price                   Montreal Canadiens
2014  Tuukka Rask                   Boston Bruins
2013  Sergei Bobrovsky              Columbus Blue Jackets
2012  Henrik Lundqvist              New York Rangers
2011  Tim Thomas                    Boston Bruins
2010  Ryan Miller                   Buffalo Sabres
2009  Tim Thomas                    Boston Bruins
2008  Martin Brodeur                New Jersey Devils
2007  Martin Brodeur                New Jersey Devils
2006  Miikka Kiprusoff              Calgary Flames
2005  N/A
2004  Martin Brodeur                New Jersey Devils
2003  Martin Brodeur                New Jersey Devils
2002  Jose Theodore                 Montreal Canadiens
2001  Dominik Hasek                 Buffalo Sabres
2000  Olaf Kolzig                   Washington Capitals
1999  Dominik Hasek                 Buffalo Sabres
1998  Dominik Hasek                 Buffalo Sabres
1997  Dominik Hasek                 Buffalo Sabres
1996  Jim Carey                     Washington Capitals
1995  Dominik Hasek                 Buffalo Sabres
1994  Dominik Hasek                 Buffalo Sabres
1993  Ed Belfour                    Chicago Blackhawks
1992  Patrick Roy                   Montreal Canadiens
1991  Ed Belfour                    Chicago Blackhawks
1990  Patrick Roy                   Montreal Canadiens
1989  Patrick Roy                   Montreal Canadiens
1988  Grant Fuhr                    Edmonton Oilers
1987  Ron Hextall                   Philadelphia Flyers
1986  John Vanbiesbrouck            New York Rangers
1985  Pelle Lindbergh               Philadelphia Flyers
1984  Tom Barrasso                  Buffalo Sabres
1983  Pete Peeters                  Boston Bruins
1982  Billy Smith                   New York Islanders
1981  Denis Herron,                 Montreal Canadiens
      Michel Larocque,
      and Richard Sevigny
1980  Don Edwards                   Buffalo Sabres
      and Bob Sauve
1979  Ken Dryden,                   Montreal Canadiens
      Glenn Resch,
      and Michel Larocque
1978  Ken Dryden                    Montreal Canadiens
      and Michel Larocque
1977  Ken Dryden                    Montreal Canadiens
      and Michel Larocque
1976  Ken Dryden                    Montreal Canadiens
1975  Bernie Parent                 Philadelphia Flyers
1974  Bernie Parent                 Philadelphia Flyers
      Tony Esposito                 Chicago Blackhawks
1973  Ken Dryden                    Montreal Canadiens
1972  Tony Esposito                 Chicago Blackhawks
      and Gary Smith
1971  Ed Giacomin                   New York Rangers
      and Gilles Villemure
1970  Tony Esposito                 Chicago Blackhawks
1969  Glenn Hall                    St. Louis Blues
      and Jacques Plante
1968  Lorne Worsley                 Montreal Canadiens
      and Rogatien Vachon
1967  Denis DeJordy                 Chicago Blackhawks
      and Glenn Hall
1966  Charlie Hodge                 Montreal Canadiens
      and Lorne Worsley
1965  Johnny Bower                  Toronto Maple Leafs
      and Terry Sawchuk
1964  Charlie Hodge                 Montreal Canadiens
1963  Glenn Hall                    Chicago Blackhawks
      Don Simmons                   Toronto Maple Leafs
1962  Jacques Plante                Montreal Canadiens
1961  Johnny Bower                  Toronto Maple Leafs
1960  Jacques Plante                Montreal Canadiens
1959  Jacques Plante                Montreal Canadiens
1958  Jacques Plante                Montreal Canadiens
      Lorne Worsley                 New York Rangers
1957  Jacques Plante                Montreal Canadiens
1956  Jacques Plante                Montreal Canadiens
1955  Terry Sawchuk                 Detroit Red Wings
1954  Harry Lumley                  Toronto Maple Leafs
1953  Terry Sawchuk                 Detroit Red Wings
1952  Terry Sawchuk                 Detroit Red Wings
1951  Al Rollins                    Toronto Maple Leafs
1950  Bill Durnan                   Montreal Canadiens
1949  Bill Durnan                   Montreal Canadiens
1948  Turk Broda                    Toronto Maple Leafs
1947  Bill Durnan                   Montreal Canadiens
1946  Bill Durnan                   Montreal Canadiens
1945  Bill Durnan                   Montreal Canadiens
      Frank McCool                  Toronto Maple Leafs
1944  Bill Durnan                   Montreal Canadiens
1943  Johnny Mowers                 Detroit Red Wings
1942  Frank Brimsek                 Boston Bruins
1941  Turk Broda                    Toronto Maple Leafs
      Johnny Mowers                 Detroit Red Wings
1940  Dave Kerr                     New York Rangers
1939  Frank Brimsek                 Boston Bruins
1938  Tiny Thompson                 Boston Bruins
1937  Normie Smith                  Detroit Red Wings
1936  Tiny Thompson                 Boston Bruins
1935  Lorne Chabot                  Chicago Blackhawks
1934  Charlie Gardiner              Chicago Blackhawks
1933  Tiny Thompson                 Boston Bruins
1932  Charlie Gardiner              Chicago Blackhawks
1931  Roy Worters                   New York Americans
1930  Tiny Thompson                 Boston Bruins
1929  George Hainsworth             Montreal Canadiens
1928  George Hainsworth             Montreal Canadiens
1927  George Hainsworth             Montreal Canadiens

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