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Villa Las Estrellas is a small town in Chile, located on King George Island, an island off of the Antarctic Peninsula. Together with Argentina's Esperanza Base on the Antarctic Peninsula, Villa Las Estrellas is one of two civilian settlements in Antarctica. Although King George is home to research bases from Peru, Poland, Russia and China, Villa Las Estrellas is the only base that functions as a town.

There may be some argument about whether this is really a town. It is the home to families, and includes a school, a post office, a bank branch, a church and a sports center. Although it is true that it is not a permanent town that has a "native" population, and that the researchers and military officers there are cycled through, it does still have the basic structures that define a civilian town. And, after all, the fact that no one is there permanently is also true of many civilian towns in the North of Canada or Alaska, and people don't question that those are towns.

Although a civilian town, it exists for the purposes of the Chilean government, and it was founded in 1984 under the Dictatorship to bolster Chile's claims in Antarctica. While Chile is a signatory to the Antarctic Treaty that keeps Antarctica open for everyone, it still asserts a section of Antarctica as its territory, and having a civilian town is part of that claim.

I find it a fascinating concept to build a town so far from the rest of the world, but there is surprisingly little written about Villa Las Estrellas, beyond the basic facts, and much of that is in Spanish. Here are some articles describing life in the town:
And the google map location of the town:

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