Virgil's is an oasis of barbeque in the heart of Manhattan. It's at 152 W 44th St, one block off Broadway. For a restaurant just off Times Square, the prices are not bad at all. Expect to pay only $18 per entree. You get a lot of food for that $18. The food is incredible. Hush Puppies served with maple butter. All manner of meat is available, mostly served as Carolina-style barbecue. The lamb is particularly delicious. Every table comes with its own bevy of hot sauce, ranging in masochistic degree. My opinion is that the hottest hot isn't hot enough, but then my hot scale has been pushing 90% THD for so long that I'm probably not a good judge.

Tables are surprisingly easy to get on a weekday evening. We called in a party of 20 (!!!!) and got a table within an hour and a half. Whenever I venture to NYC, I always make a stop at Virgil's.

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