Virgil's Root Beer is one of the top root beers in the world, in terms of taste. Obscure and not very well known, Virgil's lurks in yuppie supermarkets and upper-middle-class restraunts. Kosher for Jews, and delicious for everyone. The front sticker features a portly, bearded man wearing a white apron over a blue-green plaid shirt, facing you , and holding a silver tray with a glass, a pitcher, and a beer mug, all filled with frothy, delightful, bubbly brown liquid. Two chairs are perpendicular to your line of sight, so that you see a cutaway-like view of the chair back, and a side view of the occupants of the chair: a boy and girl, looking expectantly and the liquid. They are both dressed in red, and the girl has a doll and a red bow in her hair. The table between them appears to be white marble, but as it travels down the bottle, it turns into snow-covered tree roots, finally ending in bare tree roots wrapping around the words ROOT BEER. ROOT BEER is colored ivory, and is in the Old Western Bar style. Behind the man and the Virgil's heading is a mountain of fluffy clouds, framed by blue sky in the upper right and left corners. This sticker is attached to a 100% recycled, brown glass bottle, 12 oz. in size. The cap is metal, white on top, dark maroon on the sides.

Behind the man's head is the word Virgil's in gold-bordered red letters, bent into an arch. The the man's right shoulder (you see it on the left) is the word MICRO, and next to his other shoulder lies the word BREWED. Between the two children, covering the table, lie the words:

Using Natural Ingredients,
We Brew A Root Beer So Pure,
So Rich And Creamy,
You'll Swear
It's Made In Heaven.

On the box it's sold in (4 bottles to the box), Virgil's advertises the fact that it's won the International Fancy Food and Confection Show's "OUTSTANDING BEVERAGE" award in 1994 and 1996. It also says,

Virgil's is a brewed root beer, made from natural herbs and spices. Unlike other root beers, it is a pure product with absolutely no preservatives. Unlike other root beers that are cold processed, Virgil's is heat pasteurized. All-natural herbs and spices are blended with unbleached cane sugar (other root beers use high fructose corn syrup) and crystalline water. After the root beer is bottled, it is then heat pasteurized. This pasteurization process gives Virgil's a long shelf life without using artificial preservatives. BON APPETIT.

Virgil's Root Beer was selected as one of the best beverages in the 1996 San Fancisco Fancy Food Show. In 1994, and again in 1996 the International Fancy Food Show awarded Virgil's the "Oustanding Beverage" award.

Virgil's contains these key natural ingredients: carbonated water; unbleached cane sugar; carmelized unrefined cane sugar. And these herbs and spices: Anise(Spain) Licorice(France) Vanilla(Madagascar) Cinnamon(Ceylon) Clove, Nutmeg(Indonesia) Wintergreen(China) Cassia Oil(China) Sweet Birch(USA) Molasses(USA) Pimento Berry Oil(Jamaica) Balsam Oil(Peru)

Virgil's Root Beer used to be brewed in England, but is now brewed in America using imported ingredients.

See root beer for a history of root beer.

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