A piece of Heaven on a plate

Named just plain "Vohvelikahvila" - the waffle cafeteria - this place is one of those rare, small places you simply can not afford to miss if ever visiting Tampere, Finland.

Vohvelikahvila is located in the very center of Tampere, at Ojakatu 2 (see the map URL below), in the smallest stone building in the city. The place looks very friendly on the outside - especially during sunny summer days - and on the inside it's just as nice. Furnished in an early 20th century continental European style the atmosphere is cozy and the friendly service makes anyone feel right at home. The only drawback is that the cafeteria only has room for 16 customers plus 12 on the terrace. Then again, Vohvelikahvila is open all day, every day (from 9am till 8pm on weekdays and saturdays and 10am till 8pm on sundays).

The cafeteria itself is a non-smoking area but, during summertime, smokers may enjoy their waffles on the cafeteria's terrace. Just be careful not to hurt the tame little birds that may (and likely will) offer you a harmonious concerto, in the hopes of just a tiny piece of a waffle as a reward.

The selection of sweet and salty waffles offers something for everyone; strawberries, chocolate, icecream, pear, mushrooms, tex-mex etc. at very reasonable prices (roughly between $2-$4). They even reward you for being a frequent customer (every 8th waffle is free).

Vohvelikahvila does not serve any alcoholic beverages but, with a waffle you can choose either from a selection of different coffees (cappuccino, espresso, latte or a selection of spiced coffees), tea, beverages, soda, or just plain water.

To improve the international feeling provided by the furnishing and the area of the city the cafeteria is located at, you may receive service in either Finnish, Swedish or English. Oh, and when you leave, don't forget to sign the guestbook located right next to the door, at the entrance - it's been signed by people from all over the world, all of them praising the friendly service, the cozy atmosphere and the quality of those swee-eet waffles :)

See the location on the Tampere map: http://www.tampere.fi/cgi-bin/kami/tre_okartta?6821417,2487764,1,OjakatuĀ 2

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