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Voyagers! was a short-lived NBC sorta-educational, sorta-comedy, vaguely-sci-fi show. Twenty episodes were aired during the 1982-1983 season; three more scripts were written, but not filmed.

Premise: Phineas Bogg (played by Jon-Erik Hexum) was a 17th-century pirate, trained as a time traveller by some vague, futuristic organization known as the Voyagers. Each Voyager is equipped with an Omni, a time-travel device resembling a pocketwatch, and a guidebook detailing the way history is supposed to go. The Omni has several dials, and two lights: a red light when something is going wrong (according to "established" history), and a green light when whatever was wrong is fixed.

In the pilot episode, Bogg drops in on 1982 and in a sitcom-like series of events, loses his guidebook but picks up orphan Jeffrey Jones (played by Meeno Peluce), a history whiz. For whatever reason, Bogg's Omni can't take him past 1970, so he can't return Jeffrey to his home; Bogg couldn't really do his job without his guidebook anyway. Thus, they travel semi-randomly through time, fixing broken history.

Random thoughts: Like a lot of things from the early 80s, this show, right down to the exhortations at the end of each episode to visit your local library for more information on the time periods visited, seems downright cheesy these days. Then again, so does that other time-travel show.

Unfortunately, this show seems to have been doomed just about from the start. It aired against 60 Minutes, the perpetual ratings juggernaut, and cost over $1 million per episode (which was even more money in 1982 than it is now). The spirit of the show, at least in part (time-travelling do-gooder) was reborn as Quantum Leap).

AFAIK this show isn't airing anywhere, and episodes aren't available for sale.


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