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She covers her bruises with foundation now. It's the only way that she wants to be seen when she's outside the confines of her apartment that she shares with two cats and a brick wall that sometimes knocks her about a bit. The walls are thin in this block, there's no doubting that. But who wants to hear what their neighbours are up to anyway? voyeurism is so last year. This year is all about being the neighbour to listen to.

She paints her lips in incredibly varied shades. It's all about fashion to these young girls you know? Make a statement and change your mind after a few short months. Who wants to be tied down anyway. Get yourself a houseboat and moor yourself up against that shoreline. There's no pirates in these waters. That I could tell you about anyway. When you cut out the vibrant blacks and reds there's a solid brickwork underneath.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that solid timber frames might look nice, but brick is better. It's always nice to know that your house isn't going to warp any time soon. We can all keep our beauty, right? That's what she thought anyway. But even bricks need maintenance. A lick of paint just won't cut it I'm afraid, the problem always lays deeper than that. She's rotting from the core now and I'm not sure that we can fix the problems.

I don't think that this house is a home.

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