The call letters for the Amherst College radio station in Amherst, MA. Located at 89.3 FM on your radio dial.

An entirely student-run radio station, mostly freeform with indie rock tendencies. All of the DJs are from Amherst College or nearby Hampshire College. No commercials (as per its non-commercial status), and not a whole lot of talking; but if you're looking for interesting and new music, you could do much worse.

The Amherst College radio station was founded in 1955 as WAMF (call letters now owned by Florida A & M); at some point in the mid-seventies, the station changed its call letters and its frequency to their current status.

The 150 watt (very small) transmitter for WAMH is near the top of Mt. Lincoln in Pelham, MA, snugly secured to the old WFCR broadcast tower. From this mighty vantage point, WAMH can be heard from Brattleboro, VT to just north of Hartford, CT, covering the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts.

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I had the good fortune to work as a DJ and music director at WAMH for four years. College radio rocks!

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