WBIX is a web based radio station run mainly by former employees of WBAI, hence the name WBai In eXile. WBIX was created in April of 2001 by reporters and staff of WBAI in response to gag policies and censorship by WBAI and Pacifica management. In April, WBIX was only broadcasting a few hours a day, and generally just doing one-off feature stories. It is currently broadcasting 24 hours a day from www.wbix.org.

As the name implies, the programming broadcast over WBIX is generally no longer broadcast over WBAI or other Pacifica stations. These programs include Wake-up Call, Democracy Now!, and Free Speech Radio News. There is also local programming, as the situation merits. For example, recently there has been considerable coverage of how the WTC bombing is affecting the people in NYC - the WBIX studio is just a few blocks from ground zero. WBIX has been working with the Independent Media Center to provide national coverage.

The staff are among some of the best on radio anywhere. Many of the WBAI staffers who were fired or banned are working there, including star reporters and old WBAI and Pacifica names like Errol Maitland, Amy Goodman, Verna Avery Brown, and many others.

WBIX broadcasts from www.wbix.org, where more information is available.

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