KPFA is a public radio station in Berkeley, California. KPFA was founded in 1949 by pacifist Lewis Hill. KPFA was the first comunity supported public radio station in America. It presently broadcasts a 59,000 watt signal at 94.1 FM. The programming is a combination of current events, news, community programming, and music.

KPFA has been the cause of considerable controversy over the years. It is the station that broadcast George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words", which caused the FCC to file a lawsuit against the Pacifica Foundation. KPFA is also the only Pacifica station that still broadcasts Democracy Now!

Four other radio stations were founded under the same management, the Pacifica Foundation, due to the success of KPFA. These stations are: KPFK Los Angeles, WPFW Washington, D.C., WBAI New York City, and KPFT Houston. KPFA is seen by many as the most liberal of the stations.

KPFA has more information, including web broadcasts, at

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