KPFT is a community sponsored public radio station in Houston, the fourth station to become part of the Pacifica network, a non-profit radio network founded by pacifist Lewis Hill in 1949.The programming on KPFT consists of international, national, and local news, commentary and music. KPFT broadcasts a 100,000 watt signal at 90.1 FM.

KPFT was founded by journalist Larry Lee, who saw the need for a community sponsored radio station in the Houston area. KPFT went on the air in March of 1970. Two months later, it was bombed by Ku Klux Klan members. After a couple weeks, it was back on the air. The KKK bombed the station again in October of 1970. These actions did little to change the minority oriented programming on KPFT. In 1981 KPFT became the first radio station to broadcast a significant portion of its' programming in languages other than English. KPFT also broadcasts Ray Hill's amazing show about the Texas prision system, featured on episode 119 of This American Life.

KPFT has RealAudio and a web site at

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