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A set of fairly complete NetHack spoilers organized into a sort of guide. Version 7.00 of the spoilers was originally written for NetHack version 3.0, and were distributed on a shareware basis (as if software under the shareware licence wasn't enough...). They were partially updated for versions 3.1 and 3.2; the public has yet to see a rewrite covering the changes made for NetHack 3.3.

The WCST spoilers are still quite useful for getting through NetHack with most of your hair intact, as they are organized well and cover some points that are often missed by beginners, such as how to rob shops effectively (although the methods have changed since 3.0, from the efforts of that oh-so-clever DevTeam) and how to get your game off to a good start.

The acronym WCST appears to be the name of the software company under whose moniker the spoilers are distributed; I was unable to find an expansion. The WCST spoilers were mostly written by Paul Waterman, with significant contributions from many others. The spoilers themselves are available all over the place, but can be found easily at Boudewijn Wayer's NetHack site.

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