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The Wadoku Jiten is an online dictionary for translating Japanese into German. It was created and is maintained by Ulrich Apel, of the University of Osaka, and is constantly being updated and expanded by it's users (i.e. you and me) in a way similar to Jim Breen's Edict, so it is only as good as it's users, but with over 190,000 entries, it beats many printed dictionaries in utility. Input is in Romaji for German words, and Kanji and Kana for Japanese.

The main database (filemaker format) is online, but there is also a version that can be downloaded. This downloaded version can be used on many computer platforms, and even on some PDA's, such as the Sharp Zaurus, using additional software. The databank is freeware, so it can be freely adapted for any non-commercial use.

Wadoku Jiten can be found here:

  • http://www.wadoku.org/
  • http://bibiko.com/wadoku/
  • Download the program: http://bunmei7.hus.osaka-u.ac.jp/download.htm
  • Information for running WaDoku on the Zaurus: http://zaurus.biojapan.de
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