The OC Weekly's restaurant review of Wahoo's reads: "Wahoo's makes the best fish taco ever. End of story." They're right. Wahoo's is single-handedly responsible for banishing my fear of fish tacos forever. Their delectable constructions of regular or spicy white fish in corn or flour tortillas, garnished with fresh salsa, lettuce, and cheese have replaced the fish sticks-and-taco shell nightmares I so studiously avoided in my college cafeteria.

Wahoo's has been serving its namesake dish as well as tasty fish, chicken, beef, and veggie burritos, burgers, quesadillas, taquitos, and more since 1988 at locations in Laguna Beach, Tustin, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Manhattan Beach, and West L.A., to name a few (more coming soon, a free postcard from their Laguna location assures me) and Colorado locations in Denver, Englewood, Boulder, and Louisville. The atmosphere inside any given Wahoo's is decidedly casual, and although they're a little pricey compared to fast food, they're much higher-quality as well. All told, a most positive dining experience. Yum.

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