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The younger of the Warner Brothers, Wakko speaks with a curious Liverpudlian accent, wears a floopy hat, and carries a big sack which seems to hold everything. He has been seen performing on-stage as The Great Wakkarotti, loudly belching classical and popular songs. Often complains that he never gets to get it. Can often be heard saying, "Faboo!" Wonders if he can call you "Dadoo." Sings "Wakko's America" to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw." Some claim that he packs away the snacks while Bill Clinton plays the sax.

The immature Warner Brother who was very obviously geared towards kids. Most of his traits were included because they would amuse small children, including his funny-sounding accent, large appetite, propensity for hitting things with big mallets, belching abilities, naivety, oversized backwards hat, and lack of pants. Whereas episodes featuring all three Warners often had plotlines that alluded to famous movies and people, the few episodes starring Wakko mainly concentrated on silly things, including one 10-minute saga in which he runs around trying to find a potty.

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