eyelids snap
the quiver of a nose ring
the eye's aimless constitutional
over the hardened urban landscape
upper lip bumpy dry and needing
wet kisses. satisfied only by the tongue's endless promenade and strut

shy hand thinking it can gather the courage
to reach out. fluttering uselessly against a thigh
i was.. so tired as pen fell from aching fingers, finished before a proper beginning, love faintly scrawled, screaming at me from the whiteness it was.. do you remember how we used to speak with a pause, there, between a feeling.

it takes so long, so long to articulate a moment with you, longer to know that it really is, was, could be.. could you be, stand here, not beside me.. "no, i really couldn't".

i always saw you ache, the penetrating pain slicing my weakened flesh deeper still, i know, you're dying.. until you close your eyes.

i lifted myself over soft curve and then, there was a pole, or a stick.. and i stood atop it briefly before i fell into the space next to it, trapped between a wall, and another gentle curve. further, i wanted to push onward but.. it was easier to remain and so, i did.


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