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A comic book artist best known for his straight lined, block style. Walt Simonson's art displays motion and pace in a superior fashion, and his signature art style has been very influential with aspiring artists. Although he began his career with DC Comics, Simonson has produced work for such companies as Marvel, Image Comics, Malibu, and Dark Horse Comics throughout his career.

While in art school, Walt Simonson became interested in the challenges of the sequential art medium. He wrote and drew a fifty page graphic story, The Star Slammers, for his senior degree project. In 1972, he began drawing comic books professionally as a freelance artist. Working for several companies he drew characters such as Dr. Fate, the Metal Men, Hercules Unbound, Batman, and the Hulk. In 1983, he started writing and drawing the adventures of The Mighty Thor for Marvel Comics. For his work on Thor, Simonson got the Haxtur Prize Award as Best Writer.

Walt is married to comic book writer Louise Simonson, who helped work on The Death of Superman for DC. The two have collaborated on several issues of The Fantastic Four in the mid nineties. During this period, Walt Simonson worked on a number of projects. Some titles he was involved with are X-Factor, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Cyberforce, and Gen13. Walter is currently writing and drawing the on-going monthly series Orion for DC Comics.

I've always found Walt Simonson's art to be fun to look at. At times it seems loose and confusing with the amount of straight linework he assigns to each piece, but the motion and the flow of his work is undeniable. He is a true master of the fundamentals of comic book art.

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