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View Askew's legendary comic book fanboy. A real life friend of Kevin Smith, he was the prototype for Jason Lee's Brodie character in Mallrats, and was the source of Brodie's many wonderful eccentricities (although the character belongs solely to Lee).

For instance, he carried a Dixie cup through malls and asked food court employees to "fill it up with Coke, no ice." Jason Lee's character in Mallrats can be seen doing the exact same thing throughout almost the entire movie. He was also addicted to the dirt mall and constantly went there, questing for Godzilla bootlegs.

He can be seen in the edited version of only one of Smith's films, Mallrats (the black sheep of the Jersey Trilogy, incidentally). He is Walt the fanboy, who with his partner Steve-Dave play the role of bouncers for the comic book shop. His catchphrase is "You tell 'em, Steve-Dave!"

Walt the Fanboy and Steve-Dave can also been seen in one of the deleted scenes on the Criterion DVD of Chasing Amy, the third member of the Jersey Trilogy (Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy).

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