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A Magical Item in the AD&D world, created by Thomas Miller, the author of The Adventurers saga, to flesh out the Sea of Dust campaign.


The wielder of this mighty wand commands nine powerful fire-related powers:

  • LBUZI kills all flames within 50' (1)
  • INZUS magnifies all flames within 50' by a factor of 5 (1)
  • BCIQ dancing lights, pyrotechnics in front of wand (1)
  • KNEC launches a fireball (10d6, no 1s or 2s) (2)
  • FBIZI does 5d10 heat damage to target (2)
  • AXUI engulfs target in flames (3d10) for 2-5 rounds (3)
  • PSAFT drains 10d10 hp from fire-oriented creatures (3)
  • CSPAN launches one flaming sphere at each living being (4) in a 90 degree arc
  • NDREK envelops a 10' wide path, out to 100', in flames (4) (3d10 per round for 1 round)

The wand must be recharged after its ~100 charges are spent; this is a difficult process, requiring the cooperation of a red dragon, a demon, a fire elemental lord, or some similar being.

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