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An extremely useful NetHack wand that is actually called the wand of teleport away. However, its function is identical to the scroll of teleportation, even if the Dev Team decided to call it something different.

If you zap it at yourself, you teleport to another (random) location on the level, unless you possess teleport control. You can also zap it at a monster to do the same to him/her/it instead.

Teleportation as a means of escape from danger does have risks -- you could theoretically reappear very close to where you were in the first place -- but as long as you have more than one charge on the wand, you should be fine.

This wand can be identified by engraving with it. Make sure that you add to existing writing rather than make new writing. If what you write disappears and reappears somewhere else on the level, you've got one of these.

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