(Warszawa Centralna). An absolutely disgusting building right in the center of Warsaw, Poland, next to the infamous Warsaw Palace of Culture. Built in the 1970s, it is a typical example of the architecture popular at the time. Although only eight underground tracks are available it is now one of Poland's busiest train stations.

The underground tunnels, the building itself and the surroundings are also 'home' to a number of homeless people. Every few meters one is bound to be stopped by someone and asked for spare change. The beggars are mostly harmless - its the pickpockets one should be aware of, especially when boarding trains.

Note for travellers: Never take a taxi from the train station. You will be mercilessly ripped off. Go to one of the hotels located nearby (either Mariott or The Holiday Inn) and take a taxi from there. If you can't be bothered to walk or you've got luggagge order one by phone (phone booths available - dial 919 or 22919 from a mobile phone).

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