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A book by John Barnes that faces a What If Frederick, Prince of Wales, lived longer while George II died earlier, all leading to George III attaining the British throne a bit later.

Synopsis: (courtesy of Amazon)Our hero is sent back to the 1700s of another timeline and faces a murderous version of... himself. The almost-human Closers are waging a war of annihilation across a million alternate timelines. Crux Op agent Mark Strang is on special assignment to colonial America to track down a missing time agent. But in this version of reality, George Washington is Duke of Kentucky, and Britain's King George III has been replaced by a ruthless impostor. Strang's scheme to rescue the real king leads him into battle in the skies on both sides of the Atlantic.

This is the Second volume of Timeline Wars:
Patton's Spaceship (sometimes called 'Crux of Battle')
Washington's Dirigible
Caesar's Bicycle

Point of divergence from our timeline: 1751

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