Waste Management is an elaborate form of garbage collection, and depending on the country and city you live in. In most countries in the world there is no garbage collection scheme or the garbage is collected all together. In the Netherlands and a few other countries though, garbage collection evolved into Waste Management.

The following boxes for different garbage exist (in each household):
- Colourless glass (except refund bottles of course...)
- Coloured glass
- Cans, lids and other metals
- Paper
- GFT (organic waste from the garden and kitchen)
- Chemicals (batteries, paint etc.)
- Reusable furniture
- Reusable clothing
- Remaining garbage

When the waste management business started in the eighties, the garbage was put together again because the logistics and processes weren’t put into place (except for the glass, that was going smoothly since the seventies). Since the beginning of the nineties, the different waste-categories are processed and recycled separately.

I grew up with these divisions so it makes sense to me, but foreigners living in the Netherlands tend to think the Dutch freaked out on the whole waste management approach.

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