The first time I went to CTYI (the Irish CTY, or Geek Camp) was in 1996, when I was aged just twelve years old.
I didn't particularly enjoy myself there. This is how things were for me at the time. Everyone was bigger, older, more knowledgeable, cooler, even the other dorky little twelve-year-olds. Many of them were mean, surprisingly so for geek camp.
But the one thing I can remember clearly from this premature sortie into studenthood is the Site Director we had that year. His name was Frank. His successor's name was also Frank, but he's got a story to himself.
But this Frank managed to disturb and amuse us all quite severely, when he welcomed us all on the first day, at the grand Opening Ceremony.He explained to us all that he felt it was important that we, at the assigned time of Lights Out, verily put out our lights and go to sleep, instead of sneaking away to the girls' apartments and having it off all night long.
The alternative was only implied, but we could hear it in his voice.
Strangely, though, he chose to suffix this explanation with the phrase, "I like to see little boys in bed". The laughter was uproarious. Frank remained pokerfaced, even up to the point where he dismissed us, hearing the change in the weather outside, with the advice, "Watch out now, that rain is wet".

At this, the crowd was silenced.
The man was clearly some kind of Zen Master.

We filed out in gobsmacked awe.

Rep -1, huh? Well screw you too. I wrote this for myself, not for your entertainment, you saucy devil.
Apologies for those people I have cursed to be screwed who actually did not downvote this writeup. Enjoy your screwing.

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