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Second album by the punk/hardcore/metal band Amen. Released in 2000 on Virgin Records/I Am Recordings. Dubbed by producer Ross Robinson as "The most violent album ever released on a major label", and he's not far off. In my opinion, this CD is not quite as violent as their self-titled debut, but even so, its still pretty brutal.

The cover art features four boys (early teens?) in religous robes weilding large medieval battle axes. The back of the box has pictures of WWII-ish looking bombs pointing straight down. The bombs have "U.S.A." printed on the front, and large eagle's wings protruding from the sides. I think it looks damn cool, but YMMV. Features of the booklet include a picture of the Whitehouse on fire, various children holding weapons, and hand-written lyrics that actually look more carved than written.


  1. CK Killer
  2. Refuse Amen
  3. Justified
  4. The Price of Reality
  5. Mayday
  6. Under The Robe
  7. Dead on the Bible
  8. Too Hard to Be Free
  9. Ungrateful Dead
  10. Piss Virus
  11. The Waiting 18
  12. Take My Head
  13. In Your Suit
  14. Here's The Poison

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