Track: We Have Explosive (7" Edit)
Artist: The Future Sound of London
Label: Virgin Records Ltd.
Released: 1997-03-07
Summary: Powerful dance music based around an alarm with portamento.

After a bizarre four seconds long warm-up, this track gets straight to the point. Solid dance drums and a clangy sample of an electric guitar provide the backing while a synthetic noise takes centre stage.

Answering the calls of the buzzing synthetic base, the lead is more like an alarm with portamento slides than anything else, and is just as much fun to watch on an equalizer as it is to listen to. It's probably best described as a resonant, grating, buzzing sound, but that really doesn't do it justice. It somehow manages to sound more melodic than that, although it probably isn't. Sparse, synthetic sounding vocals complete the sound, with the spoken phrase "We have explosive" and someone shouting "Rar!" going through a delay.

You may find yourself humming the lead part, but then your friends will probably wonder how a melody that consists of mainly one note with the occasional sliding around could possibly sound good, so the timbre itself is probably more responsible than anything else for how catchy this piece of music is.

This track doesn't really go anywhere. Despite the occasional breaking down of the mix, it's essentially the same thing all the way through. This isn't a bad thing, though, as it's something to dance to, or to listen to while concentrating on something else. It works well in these ways, giving you a solid sound to urge you on with whatever you're doing, without particularly distracting you.

If there's one concept conveyed in this piece of music, it's power. Everything about it sounds tight, solid, raw, and powerful. When you want to get something done, it can help you focus, and when you want something to move to, it will spur you on. Top stuff.

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