We were all-powerful. Nothing affected us. Our invincibility and our immortality were hallmarks of who we were. We were also alone, but with the awareness that there were an infinite number of others. Those people were not where we could interact with them. The awareness of their existence, combined with our cold invincibility, became painful. Loneliness was the first emotion we experienced. So powerful was this emotion that we went to great lengths to resolve it.

We chose to become meat.

Being meat wasn't something anyone specifically decided upon. Reality is a shared delusion. We sought to integrate and experience. We sought to become fragile, emotional, prone to mistakes, and open to great suffering. We became capable of both causing and experiencing suffering. We realized that our invincibility, our inability to feel anything that could hurt us, was hiding something. We decided to become meat because it was where the shared delusion came together, the result of an infinite number of souls seeking to interact when interaction is impossible. The only way for it to mean anything was to take away the invincibility and the immortality. It was the only way our interaction could mean anything. Immortal, all-powerful gods are boring as fuck.

We chose to become meat because it degrades, is susceptible to disease and infection, it can be wounded and injured with relative ease, and it can be destroyed and damaged in so many ways. We chose to become meat because meat dies, rots, or is consumed. We became meat because meat can become food. Only meat was weak enough to test us. Only meat was capable of definining us. This was only part of the shared delusion, to create samsara as a way to push ourselves to the limits by imposing limits on our own powers and abilities while existing in a place filled with threats and dangers. We took with us what we could, from our vague awareness that this meat existence was not all that we were, to the intangible essence of our true selves that would shine out in the world of meat. We found our talents. We found our callings. Not always though, because to find and discover our talents and to be able to make them shine out into the world could not be easy. It would be too close to the immortality and invicibility we ran away from.

We are gods who chose to become meat. It was the only way for us to understand that which the gods are incapable of understanding, just as meat is incapable of truly understanding the gods. The gods are meat and the meat is god. Put it all together and my literalism is your metaphor.

What happens to an invincible, immortal god that becomes acutely aware of its loneliness after eons of existence? Such a god becomes damaged simply by becoming self-aware. We judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else. How harsh is a god's judgment of itself?

We were sexless and without gender. That only came about through the shared delusion because meat must reproduce to continue existing. When more meat is produced, more gods may pour themselves into this world. Some of them are more damaged than others. Most have been through this whole role playing game before. They've been through it more than once. Most have been through it an infinite number of times. These things are not linear. We have a fixation with linear thinking. Past, present, and future are part of how we inately see our existence, but there is only the moment. That moment is right now. Nothing else really exists. Not anymore, It may have existed once. It may have been a shared delusion. It is all a shared delusion.

Like The Velveteen Rabbit we seek to become real. One cannot be real if we are immortal and invincible. Our original form makes Superman look like overcooked rigatoni. How does such a being feel real?

By acknowledging that its invicibility is just a singular delusion protecting a fragile core. Security is tight. Locks are unbreakable. The safe has an infinite number of combinations, but none of them unlock the locks that cannot be picked, because that which is at our core is what drives us to become meat.

We chose to become meat. It was the only way to learn, to experience, and to become more than just perfect. To become real you must embrace weakness, flaws in character, and above all the ability to fail in spectacular ways. Our journeys have not just shown us the nature of what it is to be real, they have revealed to us that within our core we are not perfect and perhaps we never were. Protected by invincibility, we were allowed to fester, to grow desperate for an escape. The life of a god is pure hell, and yet many seek to attain it. They do not understand. They chose to become meat for a reason. It was not to seek power, glory, or riches. Why does a god become meat prove by seeking such things become? Someone not worthy of being meat.

The journey of meat is one of tests, challenges, risks and rewards. We are taught to give everything you can to everyone you know, a message carried throughout the world's mythologies that mostly falls upon deaf ears. There is much temptation and many "easy outs." It is easier to get off the highway than continuing to drive in difficult weather conditions. When life brings storms, you seek shelter. It is only natural for meat, but that is not who we really are, it is only what we chose to become for this reason. Without challenges or the opportunity for failure there is no point to any journey. Who wants to watch a football game where one team scores at will and prevents the opposition from gaining a single yard? Such is the existence of a god.

We chose to become meat for a reason. Don't disappoint yourself. Giving of yourself is the metaphor of the loaves and the fishes. You can feed the hunger of others. You are meat and this is the purpose of meat.

The journey is challenging for a reason. The tests we face are happening for a reason. We will ourselves in the direction we need to go and when we don't resist, when we don't settle for the safe option, we learn something important about who we are and who we have become in our existence as meat. We break the patterns of our self-destructive behavior and that which causes us to seek victory and vengeance at all costs, or at least those costs we believe we can afford. We think we're trying to earn our way to a more empowered existence, but we already gave that up. We forget what it was like, and like all memories it is tainted by perception. That which we long for is seen only in positive ways. The negatives are ignored, just as our memories of those who causes us harm remember the negatives about them and exclude the positive. We remember things the way we want, and perhaps need, to remember them.

Embrace mortality and human weakness. We chose to become meat.

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