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"We must perform a quirkafleeg"

One of the stranger-named rooms in Matthew Smith's 8-bit computer game Jet Set Willy. It consists of a pit full of spikes, a rope to swing across the pit, and arrows and a bird flying across to hinder your progress.

Right up to, and including the magazine previews, this room was called The Gaping Pit, but strangely, the name was changed before release.


Well, knowing Smith's state of mind at the time, we can't say why the name changed, but we can find his inspiration.

The phrase appears in Issue 5 of "The Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat", which is a spin-off from "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers".

A quirkafleeg is some kind of ritual involving lying on one's back with limbs in the air and, of course, saying "Quirkafleeg!".

There... I bet you're glad that's sorted out.

If you want to learn any more, I suggest you search out the comic, either online, or in the real world. You can also see a quirkafleeg being performed on Radiohead's video for "Just"


...and remember kids... too much drugs will kill you.

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