We walked together in a beautiful garden, though we sat miles apart. I held her hand and she squeezed back. We looked back at the path we have walked these long years and smiled sadly. Whoever says that you can't have meaningful interactions on the Internet is lying.

Moments ago the garden was not quiet. Storms raged and lightning flashed. We argued and yelled and dragged out just about every complaint we've had with each other for the last five years. And then we stopped. It was the same quiet that would come if a hurricane was outside your door and you suddenly entered the eye of the storm. Only, I feel the storm is gone. We won't be the same as we used to be, or maybe as I thought we were. But we continue on, as we always have. I'll look up at the sky and she'll smile.

Gods damn me, but I still love her, and my cheeks are wet as I write this. But it's not unrequited love, and it's not all for nothing. It's sacrificing for the greater good. And yes, I believe that with all my heart. This is my acceptance, my vow, and my affirmation: I will be there as her friend until death and beyond. By noding this I will force myself to confirm every day what I promise now. I will not allow this to happen again.

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