She is...

RED like fruitpunch koolaide with extra sugar stained on the upper lip of little girl grins. Full of energy and excitement.

ORANGE like OJ popsicles on a hot summer's day. Simply light and refreshing.

YELLOW like a crayon drawing of sunflowers on a freshly painted white wall. Crafted with happiness and joy.

GREEN like the grass that is freshly mowed with barefeet running over it in a madcap game of tag. Youthful delight.

BLUE like the sky reflected in a pool with feet dangling in, swirling gentle eddies. Calming and peaceful.

INDIGO like a mouthful of blueberries spilling juice dribbles down giggling little girl chins. Impulsive and sweet.

VIOLET like the bunches of flowers gathered up and lovingly placed in an old welches jelly jar, set out in the warmth of the sun. Precious and magic.

See how the colors flow through her like a rainbow bursting free to share with the world?

These are the dreams her stuff is made of...

It is not the blue or red or green moments apart; their soft sliding together is what holds the eyes. You can see these pictures dancing, yes, flowing, and you can see her images like lights hovering midair, small vibrant films.

I like to bottle my people, small parts of them for keeping me warm. How do you bottle colored light?

Like a prism, mostly. Bends this light for us. I was going to say it was painting pictures, but it is more than stagnant color that refuses to move. What she has to give us is alive with movement and changing constantly. Fluid merging aura.

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