For those whose lives have already been altered by Tint-O-Chrome color televisions, my condolences. For those who have escaped, read on.

In this great land of ours, what with the new products being invented and marketed every day, there's a constant supply of ideas that are fairly out there -- some of which do well, some of which are rushed through the testing process and reach shelves before anyone has any idea whether or not it's a good idea. So when I was watching Call of the Tame yesterday and this commercial came on, I couldn't help but wonder. 

"You’ll see. You’ll ALL see…with our new Tint-O-Chrome™ color televisions! Now you can watch the news and sports in vivid color! Magentas! Purples! Hot pinks! Neon green! Electric blue! All the colors you’ll never see on your boring old normal color televisions. Order your Tint-O-Chrome™ television, and experience the world in colors beyond your normal living! If you buy within the next twenty days, we’ll even throw in this free toaster that paints your toast in psychedelic colors! What are you waiting for? Run down to the appliance shop and place your order now! DO IT NOW!

See supply store for details batteries not included you will not sue us if Tint-O-Chrome™ makes your eyes catch on fire."

Of course, they couldn't actually show the tint-o-chrome colors, the same way that a black-and-white commercial for color TV sets can only show you so much, and the rest is a mystery. But it's probably just as well. I read a news report this morning about a massive recall of tint-o-chrome TVs. Something to do with people's heads exploding. 

Actually, if it does that, I wonder if I souldn't go out an buy it after all, while it's still on the shelves. I know a few people whose heads need exploding.

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