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A suburb of Portland, Oregon. West Linn is a rather upper mid-class town with a population just under 20,000 if I recall. Very similar to Lake Oswego, which West Linn is located just south of. Also similar to Wilsonville, Oregon (except for Wilsonville not being part of Metro) which more or less lies to the south of West Linn.

If you are lucky enough to go to high school in West Linn (sarcasm) you would attend West Linn High School. I graduated class of 1999, but at the time we had a rather fascist principal that canceled our C++ programming class in the middle of the term without notice.

Since the police don't have a lot to do in West Linn, they generally make up for it by giving out mass amounts of tickets for lame traffic violations. I received my first speeding ticket only 4 months after getting my license. The lame part was that I was only going 32 in a 25 after just coming out of a 45mph zone 4 blocks back. No warning, just some nonsense about how dangerous it is to be speeding.

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