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Have you ever sat back and thought "What if the whole world is just a an elaborate dream that I created? What if everything - indeed, everyone, is/are creations of my own?" I know there a probably a lot of logical (and a hell of a lot more illogical) answers and theories out there, but, to be honest, most of them are just religious stubbornness. Proving that we create our own existence is about as hard as proving God exists. Or that he doesn't exist.. In fact, that would be harder to prove. Not because of the logical evidence (Let's face it, all we have to go on is a really old book), but because of all the Bibleites (that's all the people who believe in either Jesus or God, I don't know much about religion).

The other day I was reading that when they were translating the Bible, they got a part wrong. Apparently, a particular part of the Bible (When Jesus walked on water), was translated incorrectly, and the proper translation was that Jesus walked by the water. So maybe he didn't perform all of those miracles, and we just thought he did because of a mix-up in the translation?

Does it seem logical that so many great things come from inspiration presented to these creators in dreams? Most of those great things are things that nobody would think of whilst they're awake. Is it because when our brains are at a ready state (when we're awake), they close down the creative part of the brain because some of those creative matters are, for lack of a better word, insane? Do our brains close down this creative part of the brain because they're so desperate to validate our own sanity? I say just let your sanity go. What did it ever do for you, anyway?

Sanity is that annoying voice in the back of your head that stops you from doing something inventive or fun (that would otherwise be called a bad idea, for example, rolling down a steep hill in a 10 gallon drum, or calling your teacher a stupid prat because everything he teaches you is a load of crap, and that you could teach his class more in a day than he could in a month. I'm talking about the fun and gratifying things in life which, while not often the best idea, can reap big rewards if you do them right.)

Does it seem logical that death always seems to go hand-in-hand with crying? Do certain people feel compelled to cry because other mourners will look down their noses at you if you don't? Don't get me wrong, I'm not heartless. I'm not talking about a brother or something. I'm only talking about that obscure relative that you've only met once or twice, or worse yet, haven't met at all. For example, the most recent death in my family (2005 sure seems to be killing season for people affiliated with me): One day, the phone rings, and my brother answers. He speaks to someone for about ten minutes, then hangs up with a sad look on his face. "I just found out we have an Uncle Bob. But he died," and he starts crying. Now, I can sympathise. An uncle is an uncle. I know most bouts of crying have no logical matter whatsoever, but come on, we'd never even met the guy. It's like crying over a death you saw on the news or something. How can you cry over a relative you never even knew existed until today? Anyway, after crying for a while, my brother gives me this funny look. I asked him what he wanted, and he says; "Don't you care?" Goddamn. Of course I care, but how could I possibly cry over someone I've never met, talked to, or indeed, even heard of? This had happened twice before. It's idiotic to be overly emotional about someone you've never even heard of. It's like crying over every single death that has ever occurred. At a rate of crying for five minutes about every single person who died (about the average time a person would spend crying, I would think), it would take you 11,446,88 years to cry over every person who has died.

Logic isn't all complex equations and long words. Logic is reason. Some people don't listen to logic. That's called idiocy. Often when a person displays overwhelming logic, the person they display it to brushes the displayer off with a petty and/or derogatory remark, and walks away, so they can feel better about their ignorance. I'll admit, ignorance is an easy way out, and can sometimes protect you from truths that you don't want to face. But excessive ignorance is a very bad thing, and the cowards way out.

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