This song from the album Black Sunday by Cypress Hill describes in detail how to smoke marijuana.

Now, I think they're good rappers, and they're fun to listen to, but their obsession with marijuana is a little ridiculous. The point of some of their lyrics seems to be to convey the impression that they're evil homicidal badasses because they smoke weed. If it were speed or crack they were obsessing over, that would make a bit more sense. But people smoke weed because it makes them laugh and smile a lot, and based on the image of themselves they present in their music, can you picture Cypress Hill laughing or smiling? I did hear them laugh once, in the song How I Could Just Kill A Man after describing how they killed a man, but that's it.

The song also contains a number of boring lyrics which I would hardly classify as poetry: "Let's smoke that bowl/Hit the bong and then take that finger off of that hole/Plug it, unplug it, don't strain," and "When I pack a fresh bowl I clean the screen." If you don't know how to take hits from the bong, just get your friends to show you.

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