Freedom to sit in one spot for hours
And never take my eyes from him.
To lie in the tall grass and see his face in the clouds.
Even when the clouds are dark and black
And my mood matches, I am free to be myself.

To walk away when I know that a fight is brewing
And still know that everything will be fine
To have bad days and good days
Safe in the assurance that I am loved
And that I am free to be me in all of my forms.

Freedom to do the things that I never thought I could
But that somehow he always knew I was able
To be a lover, and a writer, and a mother
And still belly-dance, collapsing in a fit
Of hysterical laughter when I see myself in the mirror.

Some days I am free to destroy myself if I so choose
And though he tries to save me
He never tries to stop me
He never judges or rails against my choices
And that freedom bends me to his will

Because I love him.

For suntzu, even though I know he will think I am silly…My love-

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