i always run back to you, out of breath & out of thought, expecting you to perform some miracle.. you could hold up your arms, fold them back down & i wouldn't be surprised if the sky crashed into still earth.

but somehow i never see them outstretched towards me..,..,

i'm too patient, keeping hope that what is impossible becomes true with time and every amazing gift you freely give the world will one day be only mine.

would you, if you have a day to stop and spare a word, tell me what the birds are saying where you are?

do they teach you how to fly and never look down on the world below, pausing only to grant glimpses of a higher realm to earthbound souls? is there wisdom in their song there always is in places i never think to look and can everyone hear the secrets of freedom & flight if they choose to listen close enough to what they sing?

the sky is bleak where i stand, looking up into unwelcoming, cloudy trails... and it's only when you flutter down from such great heights do i feel as though i could fly too, if you only told me how.

but, always frightened by something (me?), you never stay here long enough to speak and sometimes i wonder if it's something more than lack of time which keeps you silent and ends up flying you far away.

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Shaaak! Shaaak!

Tweet tweet.


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