Tempting it is

As the Sun rises,

To turn the pillow over your face

And turn away from the light.

To sleep yet a bit more.


On my part, I cannot wait,

I cannot doze, but wake as the sun does,

Cannot stay abed too long, oh,

My limbs would never allow it --


And yet

How tempting it is,

After rising, after turning down the covers,

To see the light resting upon them,

And, fully brushed, breakfasted, bathed --

To lie upon the bed,

Atop the covers,

In the sunlight,As a cat does --


And yet --

For a cat it may be no more than a warm patch,

No more than the best place to rest,

Among the many places they will rest today --


For me it is a respite,

A dream of reassurance,

And as I close my eyes,

The bonny blue morning

Says to me, rest here a while 

And be at peace today.

Ah, but there is paper to push today,

Clients to console, bosses to bow before --

And if I were to rest here

Until the light had moved on,

Until the sun had risen higher,

I would come to the office to find paper piled high,

Clients cross, bosses blowing their stacks. Ah well --

I only wish

That the busy rush of the day could begin later,

After the sun was higher,

So that everyone could rest In the morning sun,

As I do,

And everyone could,

for a little while,

Just for a little while --

Be at peace.

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