This common saying, if taken seriously, casts radical light on much of modern society. Just think of the ramifications in these areas, which are by no means exhaustive:

  • Those medical operations that restore sight or hearing to people who would otherwise have been impervious to innumerable dangers -- from being knocked down while crossing the street to being mauled by wild animals. We can only conclude that hippocratic oath is a farce, and surgeons are motivated by unrestrained diabolical envy.

  • Assination attempts based on poision. Clearly Rasputin was the norm, while in all successful cases the plan must have been leaked to the all-too-informed victim.

  • The use of screening for cancer, or virtually any test for disease. This practice must be avoided at all costs!

  • Virus checkers: on the basis of the above maxim, these are clearly a complete waste of time, and, due to human forgetfulness in their use, may even be a positive danger.

  • Similarly, publication of the existence of security holes in software can only be a sign of deep seated spite and maliciousness. Perhaps it is even an attempt by evil hackers, whose code is deliberately written to allow backdoor entry, to activate those bugs.

  • The A-Team, and all the villains they face, were completely unaware of the risks of exploding vehicles, machine guns and punch-ups on the top of tall buildings. There is no other explanation as to how the fatalities per episode managed to average zero.

  • iI finally explains the riddle of programming code that only stops working when somone points out it never should have. Thus, organisations such as FSF and all advocates of Open Source are clearly doing the world a great disservice -- just think of the implications of open sourcing Windows -- within days, the devastating knowledge of (even more) system critical bugs would work it's way from place to place, leaving a trail of cracked, crashed, and traumatized computers. The only hope would be if enough connections went down to isolate you from the destructive knowledge.

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