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I am sure that many people lie to their parents or have done so in the past. For most teens, it is a way of survival. Throughout my teenage years I lied through my teeth to my parents. By now I almost have it down to an art.

Most teens lie to their parents because they are afraid of what might happen if they told the truth. For example a parent may ask, "Johnny, are you smoking marijuana?" Any teenager who thinks that it is okay to answer "yes" to this question is out of their mind. Unless your parents are hippies it is advisable to not answer yes.

Here are 5 simple steps to follow to make lying to your parents work for you:

1. Have an alibi - This is very important when lying. You should always have someone able to back you up. It should probably be a good friend and not a sibling, since siblings can sometimes give in under pressure from parents, use blackmail or simply want to get back at you for ratting them out.

2. Look them in the eye - Eye contact means that you are confident. If you are confident with your lie then you can easily say it to a parent's face.

3. Plan your lie - You must be ready for any question that they throw at you. Basically, think before your speak. Work out all the details in advance such as where you'll be, who you'll be with, when you'll be home, why you're going, etc. Parents can be quite nosey and inquisitive. It is also important to work out the events that would happen in a fictional outing.

4. Remember your lie - This cannot be stressed enough. It is possible to forget what you said an hour after you have said it, especially if it was not true. Your parents may ask you after the fact what happened and it would be a shame to leave out a few key points.

5. Don't make useless lies - Try not to lie about things that don't make a difference. Owning up to certain things such as breaking a window or leaving a mess makes you seem mature. If you don't make useless lies then no one would suspect you of bigger lies. It's nice to act angelic and then throw them for a loop.

Next time, it might be a good idea to say that you are sleeping over at Janie's house instead of telling your parents that you are going out to a warehouse party with Spike and Goth Boy. But, work out the plans with Janie first.

Note: Lying to your parents is not good. It is probably a good idea to develop an honest relationship with them in the first place. Try not to take this guide too seriously.

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