A poster published by Modern Humorist (http://www.modernhumorist.com/), in the series "Propaganda for the Internet Age". The poster has a guy who is using an iMac, with a demon-like red being in Red Army-like clothing. Text:

When you pirate MP3s, you're downloading COMMUNISM

A reminder from the Recording Industry Association of America

(There's also a printable PDF version that has the text "Reminder from your record company", IIRC)

Modern Humorist posted a "follow-up" to this poster, too, in response to Napster and Scour.net "sellouts".

The poster is similiar to style, but the computer user has a red iMac (original has blue), the background is black and has loads of money there, and the devilish commie figure has been replaced with a wealthy-looking, well-dressed cigar-smoking man. Text:

WHEN YOU PAY FOR MP3s, You're Rockin' Out with The Man!

A Reminder from Gnutella, Freenet & Geeks Everywhere

Quite clever, actually =)

I think the original "...downloading COMMUNISM" poster was largely inspired by the actual poster with similiar theme: "When you ride ALONE you ride with Hitler!" (q.v.)

See also: Napster Fan Quotes.

When you download MP3's, it might be communism.

But when you throw away the ones you didn't like, and then go out and buy the albums for the ones you did like, it's democracy and capitalism all at once. Vote for your favorite artists the capitalistic way!!

When they are out there, and RIAA says you can't have them, that sounds more like fascism to me. And exactly how much of that money do they give to the artists anyway?

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