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A poster published by Modern Humorist (http://www.modernhumorist.com/), in the series "Propaganda for the Internet Age". The poster has a guy who is using an iMac, with a demon-like red being in Red Army-like clothing. Text:

When you pirate MP3s, you're downloading COMMUNISM

A reminder from the Recording Industry Association of America

(There's also a printable PDF version that has the text "Reminder from your record company", IIRC)

Modern Humorist posted a "follow-up" to this poster, too, in response to Napster and Scour.net "sellouts".

The poster is similiar to style, but the computer user has a red iMac (original has blue), the background is black and has loads of money there, and the devilish commie figure has been replaced with a wealthy-looking, well-dressed cigar-smoking man. Text:

WHEN YOU PAY FOR MP3s, You're Rockin' Out with The Man!

A Reminder from Gnutella, Freenet & Geeks Everywhere

Quite clever, actually =)

I think the original "...downloading COMMUNISM" poster was largely inspired by the actual poster with similiar theme: "When you ride ALONE you ride with Hitler!" (q.v.)

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