It is somewhat difficult to do a search for yourself on the net, mainly because you won't be looking in places that are really obvious to you - for example, you might overlook the fact that you are a member of the local Royal Canadian Cadets organisation, and they have a web page with your name and email address on it. So it is really better to ask someone who doesn't know you too well to try and dig up everything they can on you.

On that note, here are some good starting points:
I am yet to find a good reason for trying to dig up all the information on yourself on the web, unless of course you're trying to completely change your net-identity and need to remove all the tracks of you currently on the net.
/                           \
|  _________________________|
|                           |
|  ______________________   |
|             |   _______   |
|             |   | YOU ARE |
|  ___________|   |  _HERE  |
|                 |  |  |   |
|  _______________| _|  |_  |
|                   \    /  |
|                    \__/   |


Actually, I concur with chaos in that the best place to search is probably Using Google and sometimes Yahoo( I found myself to be a variety of things such as:

Wow, internet! What will you think of next?

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