So, I was in second grade, and we were waiting outside for some inane second grade reason, and we were standing on a graveled path. To our left as we waited was a fenced in area, which years later would become the biology lab. We were there. The rocks were there. To our left was a convenient target. Well, what would you do if you were bored and in second grade. So, some kids started throwing rocks over the fence.

I had always been a weird outcast type of kid, so I was off to the side collecting pretty marbled stones. I had four or five in my hand, which I thought were particularly pretty, when I feel a hand on my arm jerking me upward. "What are you doing?" shrilled the substitute teacher. "You were throwing rocks!" I stood there agape, confused for a moment. "Wha? I was collecting them. They are pretty." I tried to show her the marble veins, and make her see that I would never throw such beauty.

She dragged me off to the principal's office, all the while lecturing me on how I could kill someone, and how some kid had been killed just a couple years ago when a tennis ball hit him in the temple. I was made to sit on the bench and wait, holding the incriminating pebbles in my hand, for the school director to make time for me. I missed recess.

The accusing teacher brought me in and told the principal that I had been throwing rocks and for me to show her the rocks. The conversation was in english and I wasn't good enough yet to know she was accusing me. She told me in spanish to show the stones, so I did, thinking I was going to get an opportunity to defend myself. Instead I got a translated lecture on how children are not to throw stones and never got a chance to say a word in my own defense.

I was spanked with a paddle and sent home. Not even my mother believed me. I was ridiculed in class the next day for being the patsy. Aparently, my classmates had seen the teacher coming over and pointed me out as the thrower, in an attempt to save their own hides and have a little fun. Little bitches. I hope they are all pumping gas now.

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