The name of the pub in Churton, Cheshire, England. It's a nice place, unlike my local, the Grosvenor Arms. There's a pub quiz every wednesday night, with a bottle of wine for the winner, and a small game for a small cash prize.

The rules are these: everyone gets a cloakroom ticket. At the end of a quiz, one of the tickets (not yours, the other half, if you will) is pulled out of a pint glass. If that's yours, you get to pick a number from one to ten. If that number is in the envelope, you win the jackpot. The jackpot starts at £5 and has £5 added to it each week it isn't won. All proceeds go to charity.

The beer is apparently great (I'm not a beer fan... more of a alcopop and 'Bacardi and Coke' fan), the company is usually good, and the bar-staff are wonderful. Except that Paul, he's a funny bugger (joke!).

White horse.

A large mass of tough sinewy substance in the head of sperm whales, just above the upper jaw and extending in streaks into the junk above it. It resembles blubber, but contains no oil. Also, the part of the head in which it occurs.


© Webster 1913.

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